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Commodore Amiga 600 Review

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En mycket bra genomgång av Amiga 600! "The Amiga 600 was the successor to the popular Amiga 500 machine. The Amiga 600, also known as the A600 (codenamed "June Bug" after a B-52s song), was a home computer introduced at the CeBIT show in March 1992. The A600 was the final model of the original A500-esque line based on the Motorola 68000 CPU and the ECS chipset. A notable aspect of the A600 was its small size. Lacking a numeric keypad, the A600 was only slightly larger than a standard PC keyboard - 14" long by 9.5" deep by 3" high and weighed approximately 6 pounds. AmigaOS 2.0 was included which was generally considered more user-friendly than AmigaOS 1.3. en.wikipedia.org"

Publicerad av amiga 2012-06-03 11:11:15